Thinking Differently About Economics


Complexity Economics Lab is a research and analysis platform for complexity economics and management. We provide research, training, analysis and insight into the emerging area of complexity economics and the fresh insight it offers into understanding and managing our global economy of the 21st century.

We try to inform, inspire and engage audiences by exploring the major vectors of change shaping our world in the 21st century. We offer deep insight and context to the central issues of our time from the rise of sustainability and the Anthropocene to globalization and the development of a network society – we help you make sense of complexity in an age of transition by providing structured insight into key themes. We believe there is a better story to be told about the times we live in. We look at and study the long-term, fundamental vectors of change that are transforming the world today in order to try to tell a new kind of story, a story of our global economy as a complex system and the ongoing evolution of its structure. Our content sits at the intersection of digital media, current affairs, and business intelligence. Our focus is on clarity through deep insight; our world is becoming more complex and we use systems thinking to see through that complexity and make sense of it by identifying fundamental themes. We try to assist individuals and organizations in understanding how the global economy is changing and how that creates both opportunities and risks.